Greetings PDK members.

It has been a busy year in our Chapter with many activities and organizational tasks.  We are proud of our recent scholarship recipients who well-represent hard work and dedication to our profession.  Please see the attached scholarship application for the selection of this year’s recipients.  Please pass this on throughout your network of prospective educators.  In addition, we are attaching a revised set of by-laws for our Chapter, which include many new requirements of Chapters from our PDK International organization. Please review and send me any questions or any hesitations as to why we should not approve these by-laws (send to  We welcome and thank you for your input.  Our plan is to approve these by-laws as written within our March meeting.

In other news, we will soon have a website for our chapter up and running with all of our news, events, and professional development opportunities.  The new site can be found at It is currently under construction, but will be available soon.  This will provide a great service to our membership.

We greatly appreciate all of your efforts in positively impacting our students.  Please email me (address above) with any interest in becoming active with our chapter and its activities.  We’d love to include you and even expand on what we can do provide opportunities for prospective educators.

I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy in this new year!


James Schwarz

President, PDK State of Michigan Chapter #1607

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